Liza Jackson Preparatory School won 2022-2023 middle school state champions.
They finishing with a score of 3143 and 100 tens, the highest number of bullseyes scored.

  • The team’s excellent performance secured them the top spot out of eight participating teams. Liza Jackson’s elementary team also made an impact by placing 3rd in the state.

Brooklyn Watsona 7th-grade student at Liza Jackson Preparatory School, displayed an impressive performance. Her score of 276 and 15 tens helped her to secure 1st place among the 7th grade girls and the 3rd place overall among 105 middle school girls.

Callie Campbellanother Liza Jackson student, also performed exceptionally well, ranking 5th among the 7th-grade girls and 15th overall among middle school girls.

Ben Cansdale was the highest-ranking male archer from Liza Jackson Preparatory School, finishing 6th among middle school boys and 17th overall among 211 male archers.

Kinley Frileya 5th-grade student from Liza Jackson’s elementary team, secured the top spot among 81 elementary girls, 1st place among 5th-grade girls, and 27th overall among 246 girls.