At the beginning of 2000, the concept of Liza Jackson Preparatory School blossomed as three ladies sat around their kitchen table. Jo Henderson, Terri Roberts, and Annette Lee, three eminent educators from Okaloosa County, created a plan to orchestrate a “dream school”, as a charter school. They wanted a school that was based on the philosophy that students need a family-oriented environment with a strong support system from all of the staff members.

Liza Jackson Preparatory School (LJPS),  a public charter in Okaloosa County, began in 2001 with these key components in place with dedicated teachers and support staff and a warm and inviting atmosphere. The founders of the Charter placed the school in an old renovated Walmart building, serving students who came from Destin, Fort Walton, Niceville and Crestview.  With great enthusiasm, the school became a school that quietly grew and flourished, becoming an A+ school after the first year and remaining in that standing for over the last 21 years.   Since Liza takes in students from all over the county, and many of the families come from the military, Liza became a school that was not a typical neighborhood school. Instead, it became a school of people who want to be together. 

After nearly 20 years in a renovated Walmart building, Liza Jackson’s founders continued the dream and constructed a brand new  Our campus features state-of-the-art academic and athletic facilities, the latest technology to apply 21st-century learning, plenty of space to discover and create, and leading-edge security systems to ensure the safety of the more than 972 students who learn, play, and thrive here.

School Tours

For more information on scheduling a school tour, please contact Elizabeth Goodson