Liza Jackson Preparatory School

A caring community of learners dedicated to making the world a better place through academic preparation, good manners, common sense, and 100% effort.

Our Charter

THIS CHARTER SCHOOL CONTRACT, is entered into as of the 9th day of October 2000, between The School Board of Okaloosa County, Florida, herein referred to as the “Sponsor”, and Liza Jackson Preparatory School, Incorporated, a not-for-profit corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Florida, hereinafter referred to as the “School”.

WHEREAS, the Sponsor has the authority pursuant to Section 228.056, Florida Statutes, to grant to a non-profit organization a charter to operate a charter school with the school district; and

WHEREAS, the School is a non-profit organization under the laws of Florida, and desires to operate a charter school with the Sponsor’s school district for purposes consistent with Section 228.056, Florida Statutes, and for purposes set forth in the School’s approved charter application, which is attached hereto as Appendix I and incorporated herein by reference; and

WHEREAS, the School is approved by the Sponsor to provide educational services in accordance with the terms of a charter school contract and for the purpose of innovation and excellence as contemplated within the Charter School Legislation.

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