General Information 
Liza Jackson Preparatory School employees are public employees and eligible to participate in the Florida Retirement System through contributions made by the school. Employees are employed by Liza Jackson Preparatory School, Inc.

LJPS selects its own employees.  The school places a high priority on attracting and retaining quality personnel with diversified expertise and experience in order to accomplish the school’s mission for its students.  The school seeks employees who are committed to the well-being of students and their educational success and also possess and demonstrate the expertise and character to meet the mission of the school.

All prospective employees must agree to and pass a background screening and fingerprinting.  This school will not employ an individual if the individual’s certificate or licensure is suspended or revoked by this or any other state and will not knowingly hire an individual who has resigned from a school in lieu of disciplinary action with respect to child welfare or safety or who has been dismissed for just cause by a school board.

Instructional Staff 
Teachers employed at LJPS will be Florida-certified or eligible for certification in the field in which they are assigned.  Teacher’s certificates will be posted in their classroom.  In the rare event a teacher is assigned out-of-field, parents will be notified according to the provisions of the law.

Teachers at LJPS are paid on a scale that directly matches that of the Okaloosa District schools.  The school also provides a leave and benefit package that matches those of the district.  LJPS teachers are members of the Florida Retirement System.  Teachers in traditional public schools may request a leave of absence from their school board in order to take employment at a charter school.

Liza Jackson Preparatory School complies with all state and federal provisions regarding non-discrimination, including sexual discrimination/harassment or any other provisions of the law in regard to hiring and employment practices. All personnel must have fingerprint/background check clearance. Recruitment through local media advertisement has proven to be successful avenue to attract quality applicants.

Contact Information
Individuals interested in applying for employment at LJPS may contact:
Mrs. Kaye McKinley
Phone: 850-833-3321 or